Reach your audience

Reach your audience   

Reaching (new) audiences can be a challenge for every organisation, big or small. To support cultural institutions and events, we provide different opportunities and funding. Our aim is to attract an audience that is as large and diverse as possible. In addition to the publicity implemented by individual events and festivals, Rotterdam Festivals promotes the entire festivals and event calendar to the wider general public. We use broad campaigns like ‘Rotterdam Architecture Month’ and ‘Jazz is back in Town!’. Additionally, we are responsible for the collaborative marketing of all cultural offering in Rotterdam via Uitagenda Rotterdam. Promotional methods include a monthly magazine (Uitagenda Rotterdam), websites ( and, social media, online newsletters for specific target groups (Uitmail, Museum Uitmail), a festival brochure (every 2-3 months) and collaborations with several local newspapers. This is how we support all theatres, concert halls, museums, festivals, societies and other culture providers in Rotterdam in reaching their audiences. In total these activities lead to a reach of over 8,1 million contact points each month.

We use these methods to focus on the inhabitants of Rotterdam and the greater Rotterdam area. For the promotion of cultural activities with national and even international appeal, we work together with Rotterdam Partners. The aim of this organisation is to encourage visitors to come to (and stay in) Rotterdam.

Furthermore, we provide customized marketing advice and organize a variety of activities on a regular basis. These activities help enlarge the marketing knowledge of institutions and event organisers.
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Products for cultural entertainment and festivals

Cultural entertainment: Uitagenda Rotterdam
Uitagenda Rotterdam is the cultural entertainment guide for the citizens of Rotterdam. The website, a complete and independent cultural agenda, together with the monthly cultural Uitagenda Magazine, are the heart of the activities and products of Uitagenda Rotterdam.

Additional products we use to reach cultural minded audience are: Kids Uitagenda, digital newsletters (Uitmail, MuseumUitmail and KidsUitmail), social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), a weekly supplement in the Metro Rotterdam, tips in free localised door-to-door newspapers as well as new initiatives, like visibility on digital screens throughout the city (near public transport stops and the central station). We also offer last-minute tickets from Thursday to Sunday with 50% off (LMTS).

Festivals: Rotterdam Festivals
Rotterdam Festivals applies several products for collective festival marketing. Products and channels especially aimed at festivals are: the website of Rotterdam Festivals, social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram) and the Festivalkalender (The festival calendar). The Festivalkalender is bilingual (Dutch and English) and we publish an English festival guide several times a year.

Additionally, we have year-round themed campaigns such as “Summer’s back in Rotterdam”, “Jazz is back in town” and fringe programming for the Art Rotterdam Week. The goal of these campaigns is to gain notice from the general public as well as specific target groups.
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Marketing advice and activities

We love to share our marketing knowledge.

The marketing and communication department of Rotterdam Festivals has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of collective marketing, online marketing and working on a campaign basis. We are keen on sharing our knowledge. Annually, we offer a Pressure cooking marketing training to the organisers of festivals based in Rotterdam. Apart from sharing knowledge from public surveys, we also organise gatherings where culture and/or communication and all their aspects take centre stage. We organise Kenniscafés (knowledge café) featuring inspirational speakers and opportunities to share experiences among peers multiple times a year. The themes of the previous editions included social media and free publicity.
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Do you have any questions? Please contact us!

For more information about communication opportunities for festivals, please contact Jeanette Kooter: or 010-4332511.