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Organise an event   

We are happy to help you find your way in Rotterdam

On behalf of the municipality, Rotterdam Festivals is the event coordinator and festival knowledge-sharing centre of the city. Our large local, national, and international network, knowledge and experience in the field of festivals and audience development are freely available to the cultural sector.
We are the fastest and most efficient access point for all other festival-related services in the city. All organizations aiming to produce their events in Rotterdam are invited to contact us for advice on topics like finance and funding, rules and regulations, locations, dates, potential co-operation partners, marketing, and reaching their target audience.

“Rotterdam is a shining example in the events sector. A true
frontrunner, from which other cities are keen to learn. Rotterdam
has scintillating, ground-breaking events the city can be proud
of. The city is a heavyweight in the events playing field, both in
terms of the diversity in events as in organization management by Rotterdam
Festivals, Rotterdam Topsport and the municipality”
From the jury report of the National Event Awards 2014
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What are we looking for?

An event calendar that fits Rotterdam

Cultural institutions and festival organisers are welcome to submit their festival proposals to us in order to apply for practical as well as financial support. We are looking for festivals that create meaningful experiences for visitors and that emphasise the identity of the city of Rotterdam. Festivals that contribute to the international profile of Rotterdam and which express the city’s themes receive priority.

Rotterdam is a multicultural and relatively young city, with one of the largest and busiest ports in the world and is known in particular for its impressive architecture. Yearly, a substantial amount of international appealing cultural and sporting events take place, like Port of Rotterdam North Sea Jazz Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament, and CHIO Rotterdam.

We create opportunities for festivals that are innovative and that respond to trends, new expressions of culture or new target audiences. In this year’s call for plans, there will be more focus on proposals that help strengthen the theme “Rotterdam: the city for modern architecture.” Starting in 2018, special on-off events can apply for a special funding through the Event fund. More information on that follows below.

Featured: The city of modern architecture
Modern architecture and Rotterdam are inseparable. The buildings tell the story of the city. A story of experiments and renewal, with dreams and desires for the future. Rotterdam is home to renowned architectural firms as well as to new talents. A city with a long tradition of debates and manifestations. Architectural events also generate a lot of tourism.
We joined forces with Air and Rotterdam Partners to initiate an annual period where activities around this theme are clustered in one month and are presented on a high level. This period in June, the Rotterdam Architecture Month, is appealing to a broad audience. Rotterdam positions itself as an innovative architectural city. Plans which contribute to this ambition are particularly welcome.

Special funding for remarkable projects in 2018 and beyond
Rotterdam Festivals These remarkable events draw large crowds (>50.000), capture the imagination on an international level and match the city’s themes and its inhabitants. Such a unique event can apply for funding through Rotterdam Festivals.

There are new opportunities for different cultural activities such as large expositions with the same impact as mentioned above. They can apply for funding to generate more visibility in the city or extra programming.
Due to the long preparation time connected to these kinds of projects, plans for the upcoming years can already be submitted. Creating opportunities for partnerships that can manage a bigger impact on the city. Examples of these kind of grand scale projects are The World Food Festival, Rotterdam Celebrates the City! and the MTV EMA Awards. More examples can be found via this link.
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How do I start?

Organising an event in this city

Organising an event requires a lot work. From picking the right location and the right date, to applying for permits and connecting to the right local services. Rotterdam Festivals wants to help and support during this process.

Please contact Petra Kalkman if you would like more information on the procedures, need assistance in practical matters or if you want to make an appointment with one of our project leaders to discuss your plans.
+31 (0)10 4332511

To be noted: the application procedure
Every year, organisers are required to submit their plans before the first of September. Rotterdam Festivals evaluates each proposal (first by plan and then as a part of the whole calendar) and publishes the allocation or refusal of the requested funds mid-November.
To be eligible for the evaluation process all organisers are required to submit the project plan, marketing- and communication plan, budget and financial coverage, as well as any other relevant information (for example a policy plan).
FESTIVALS AND EVENTS Festivals and events
Based on an integrated vision of Rotterdam’s annual calendar, we create a number of festival programmes all year round.
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