MTV EMA & MTV Music Week facts & figures

MTV EMA & MTV Music Week facts & figures   

Tuesday 20 December 2016
Rotterdam became the pop music capital of Europe from 3 to 6 November 2016 during the MTV Music Week and the award ceremony of MTV EMA in Ahoy. The Rotterdam MTV Music Week brought the best of contemporary music to the city in clubs, music temples, stages and more unusual venues. A mix of all popular music genres gathered in Rotterdam during this dynamic week full of music.
And the MTV EMAs, one of the biggest global music events of the year that celebrates the hottest artists from around the world, brought music fans a unique, multi-platform experience across MTV’s global network of more than 60 channels and more than 300 digital media properties and platforms.

A successful team
In collaboration with Rotterdam Partners and Ahoy, Rotterdam Festivals invested in excellent service hospitality and practical support to create the maximum benefit not only for the event itself, but also for the city and the visitors. Rotterdam Festivals invested in various parts of the MTV Music Week programme by additional marketing communication and better visibility in the city, such as the gigantic MTV award on Hofplein. MTV itself also organised events throughout the city with ‘Confess your demo’ in Rotterdam Central Railway station and MTV Breaks and Pop-up Talks in RAAF and MAMA in Rotterdam. And with success: “MTV Music Week was better than ever, with concerts, panels, and installations throughout the city” according to Bob Bakish, director of ViaCom.

MTV Music Week
The MTV Music Week was the ‘red carpet’ of the MTV EMA and was held just before the award show. With its wide range of music genres, the MTV Music Week has something to offer all music fans. The line-up consisted of Dutch bands (including Broederliefde and Douwe Bob) and international singers (Kings of Leon for example) from various music genres including pop, rock and dance music.
Every night there were special concerts in all major music temples and clubs in Rotterdam: Annabel, Rotown, V11, Bird, Arminius, Bar, Kriterion, Maassilo, Paradijskerk, Bar3, Worm, Trahs, factory010 and HiphopHuis. The MTV Music Week attracted 6,000 visitors. The Popweek that was part of MTV Music Week attracted approx. 25,000 visitors. The new 2-day ‘MTV presents REC festival’ attracted 8,000 visitors.

Involving local businesses
More than 70 local businesses took part in the #WelcomeMTV event. A total of 74 to be precise, 20 of which are located on Zuidplein (in the South of Rotterdam).

Other facts & figures
As this was a major and very special event for a specific target audience, Rotterdam Festivals commissioned extensive audience research. Market research company R2 Research used a hybrid approach. Information was collected in 3 different ways: by measuring the impact among the citizens of Rotterdam aged below 35, by analysing online media impact and by holding a survey among MTV Music Week visitors.

Measuring impact among the citizens of Rotterdam aged below 35
Visibility: As many as 88% of the citizens of Rotterdam aged below 35 knew about the MTV EMA and 74% had heard of MTV Music Week.
Promoting the city: The citizens of Rotterdam feel that hosting MTV EMA and MTV Music Week in Rotterdam is a good way to promote the city (77%). It also made the people of Rotterdam feel more proud (69%).

“Fun to see events like this one being held here. It puts Rotterdam in the spotlights internationally and it’s great for our city!”
(market research participant - citizen of Rotterdam aged below 35)

Online media impact
Measured in the Netherlands focusing on MTV Music Week
The online visibility of MTV EMA and MTV Music Week was enormous. A total of more than 91,000 messages were shared online about the MTV EMAs and the MTV Music Week. This was measured during an entire year.
In the weeks before, during and after the MTV event we counted 40,000 messages and 10,000 specifically about MTV Music Week. To compare: between 4,000 and 5,000 messages are usually shared about Rotterdam and the cultural sector in a whole year!
The potential audience of these messages was 1.9 billion impressions via Twitter. More than 28,000 authors (=channels) shared content about the MTV Awards online.
Online influencers such as Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes as well as international broadcasting corporations such as Reuters, TIME and MTV took care of this. What’s more, people in the Netherlands also shared a lot about the MTV Music Week.

Audience survey
Visitor profile: The background of visitors to the MTV Music Week is highly varied. Sixty percent is not from Rotterdam, more than 75% is below the age of 30 and female and nearly half of all visitors are higher education students or graduates. Each visitor spent an average of €46 during their visit to MTV Music Week.
Information channels: This young audience mainly found out about MTV Music Week and EMAs via online sources. However, traditional media such as television, radio and MTV channels have also contributed to their knowledge.
Audience appreciation: The event was highly rated. The highest scores were for: programme (8 out of 10), hospitality (8.2 out of 10) and venues (8.2 out of 10). The overall score for a visit to the MTV Music Week is 7.9 out of 10.
General appreciation: Visitors gave an impressive 8.6 out of 10 for MTV EMA and MTV Music Week being held in Rotterdam. They saw it as an excellent way to promote the city of Rotterdam (8.1 out of 10) and a very special experience for visitors (8.2 out of 10)!