Know your audience

Know your audience   

We assist Rotterdam's cultural sector in increasing its public’s outreach by collecting and sharing knowledge about culture marketing, the audience and potential audience for cultural activities. We make use of collective audience research to find out more about cultural participation by the citizens of Rotterdam: who visits what, why and why not, where do they find information about cultural activities, how do they experience art and culture? The basis for all our market research activities is the Rotterdam target audience model, which divides the population of Rotterdam into eight different target groups.

We make use of various research methods: questionnaires on location, panel discussions, focus groups, mystery visitors, data analyses, postcode analyses and an online consumer panel. We share the knowledge we collect through our website, in knowledge-sharing sessions, seminars, conferences, and publications. In September 2015 we published the publication “What does the audience want? Rotterdam, culture and audiences mapped', based on extensive desk research and a large-scale survey on cultural audiences. It gives insight in the supply and demand of culture in Rotterdam. The publication was very well received and created a starting point for a collaborative approach of the cultural sector in strengthening the bond with their audiences.

"The knowledge-sharing sessions that Rotterdam Festivals host are very useful, informative and really necessary."(Anthon Groeneweg, Rotterdamse Museumnacht)

“The most valuable presentation during the knowledge meeting for me was that of Tessa van Asselt about generational trends. Fun, informative, inspiring and well presented.” (Janneke Starink, International Film Festival Rotterdam)
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Research at festivals

Rotterdam Festivals values knowledge about the audience.

From the composition of the audience and their appreciation of our events as well as their experiences. Since 2011, we have been financially supporting approximately fifteen festival organizations each year to conduct surveys. These surveys supply the organizations an insight in their audiences and leads for their marketing campaigns and sponsorships in the future. This standardized survey allows us to form an overview of the Rotterdam festival scene. Research shows that festivals are an important factor for the enjoyment of living in Rotterdam. to the liveability of Rotterdam. It also shows the increase of the importance of the marketing buzz. We use these results to evaluate our policy: is there something in the range for every citizen of Rotterdam and how do rank the range and in what way do they appreciate these offerings when viewing the different aspects of experiencing them. Asides from the quantitative marketing research, in co-operation with a university, we co-developed a special visitors' journey for festivals. This journey allows organizers a deeper insight in the total festival experience.
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(Inter)national knowledge exchange

We are connected to a global network of festival and audience development professionals.

Rotterdam Festivals is an active member and initiator of the AEN (Audiences Europe Network), an European network for professionals who are active in the field of audience development in the arts sector. Furthermore Rotterdam Festivals participates in the European Festivals Association (EFA) and IFEA World and IFEA Europe. International interest in the Rotterdam event support model led to presentations in Belfast, Copenhagen and the IFEA World convention in Tuscon Arizona in 2015. All of these activities contribute to strengthening Rotterdam’s international position, helping Rotterdam Festivals to gain invaluable knowledge and experience to better serve the events sector and the city.
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CULTURE PARTICIPATION Culture participation
Rotterdam Festivals makes use of collective marketing to support the entire cultural calendar with the aim of attracting as large and diverse an audience as possible.
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