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If you want to film in Rotterdam, you are more than welcome.

Rotterdam: the port, architecture, multi-cultural and green
Rotterdam is the largest city (in size) of the Netherlands. The total size of Rotterdam is 319 km2, of which about 1/3 is water. The Port of Rotterdam is the largest in Europe with respect to size and tonnage. It is also one of the busiest ports in the world.

As a result of heavy bombing during the Second World War, Rotterdam looks quite different from the typical Dutch town. In the 1940’s the city was completely rebuilt giving it a modern, young and a trendy look. In fact, it’s skyline is dominated by a number of skyscrapers. And with a large number of public parks and gardens, Rotterdam is also the greenest city in the Netherlands.

Rotterdam is easy to reach and get around in by car and public transport. From the local airport, Rotterdam-The Haque Airport, it only takes 15 minutes to get to the city center. Amsterdam is only a thirty-minute train ride away and Rotterdam has good connections with the other European cities by plane and train.

Rotterdam is home to a number of national and international events, such as Rotterdam Marathon, World Port Days and Rotterdam Summer Carnival. Also several Film Festivals take place in Rotterdam. In 2015, Rotterdam was the only European city declared IFEA World Festival & Event City.

The Rotterdam Film Commissioner welcomes you

Rotterdam encourages media producers to realize productions in the city. We like to provide assistance to media productions. Therefore, the city appointed its own Film Commissioner. The Film Commissioner acts as an intermediary between producers and municipal services, including in the field of licenses. Free of charge and without undue bureaucracy the Film Commissioner offers various services to the growing number of domestic and foreign producers who want to film and work in Rotterdam.

In 2013 this function was transferred to Rotterdam Festivals and the Film Commissioner, together with the event coordinator, provides a warm welcome on behalf of the municipality of Rotterdam. The Film Commissioner is a member of the European Film Commissions Network (EUFCN) and the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI).
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Our services

What to do if you want to shoot in Rotterdam?

Through our website we try to help as much as possible with the preparations for the production through a one-stop shop. Browse through the variety of film locations in the city and find crew or facilitating businesses in our production guide for film productions. If you have questions about financial support check the overview of Dutch funding. Through our Instagram account we keep you informed of productions currently running in Rotterdam.

Convinced of the potential that Rotterdam offers as a film city? Read the Rotterdam Film Protocol for more information on the procedures. Then check the events calendar to verify that there are no conflicting events scheduled at the time of production. Finally, you register your shoot in the Central Film Planning.

Or download our brochure for more detailed information.
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Film locations

Discover the wide variety of film locations in Rotterdam.

Rotterdam offers modern architecture with lots of skyscraper-like flats that create an impressive skyline. It gives the second city of the Netherlands, an international look. Furthermore, there are also typical Dutch pre-World War II neighbourhoods with a diverse population and architecture.

The city is surrounded by land reclaimed from the sea and houses an extensive industrial area with a variety of trades and industries. The river Maas runs right through the city center with several bridges connecting the north and south bank of the city.

In short the city offers many diverse elements to shoot media productions. Look for suitable locations via our image library below.
Image library
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Production guide

Find the right services and providers for your production in the production guide.

With shooting a film there are many aspects to take into consideration. Things such as finding a suitable location, building a set, lighting and possibly diversion of traffic. The Rotterdam Film Commissioner provides as an extra service an overview of the various companies in the sector for producers. Please check the production guide, where you can search by keyword or category.
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Start shooting in Rotterdam

Find out what steps you should take if you want to film in this city.

Central Film Planning
Register with one-stop shop.

To be of as much assistance as possible for productions, they must be registered in the Central Film Planning. This is a database in which all productions are logged and place with the respective municipal services. You only have to register in one place. After registration, the application is considered. The Film Commissioner coordinates the registration and informs you if you get permission to shoot.

Before you fill out the registration form you need to take note of the protocol 'Filming in Rotterdam'. After registration you will receive a confirmation of registration for your inspection, together with the routing for permits and exemptions.

Here you will find an overview of the information you need to register for the central film planning.
Film shoots that do not meet the registration deadline will not be considered.

An entry in the Central Film Planning does not automatically mean authorization for the shoot. The registration confirmation is supplied to the municipal services by the Film Commissioner for consideration. The Film Commissioner cannot guarantee that all intended shoots can be realized.

Event calendar
Take the events taking place in the city into consideration.

It is very busy in Rotterdam. In addition to shoots, there are events in the city. But also various road and construction works. The Film Commissioner endeavors to avoid undesirable situations, such as two film crews simultaneously filming on a single location, the overloading of an area, or conflicting interests with already planned events in the city. In order to help plan your shoots in Rotterdam, you can check the events calendar for when and where events take place.
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Latest shootings

The Rotterdam Film Commission is hosting an average of 500 shooting days per year. Via Instagram you can follow the most recent shoots.
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Do you have any questions? Please contact us!

Saskia Kagchèl, Film Commissioner Rotterdam
Telephone: +31 (0)10 - 433 25 11

Tessa van der Spek, Supporting assistent - Rotterdam Film Commission
Telephone: +31 (0)10 - 433 25 11