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A new law was introduced on 1 June 2012: the Dutch Telecommunications Act (Telecommunicatiewet). All websites are now required by law to inform users about the use of ‘cookies’ on the website and to ask the user’s consent for that use. Rotterdam Festivals also makes use of cookies for purposes of offering its online services.

What cookies does use?

1. Functional cookies

Necessary cookies: we sometimes use cookies to make it possible to surf websites properly. Your PC remembers a site setting that you yourself entered. We are not required to ask your consent for using these cookies.

2. Cookies for website statistics

We use Google Analytics to analyse visits to our website and continually improve the website for our visitors. This information is stored anonymously and as such cannot be traced back to specific individuals. It is used exclusively for the purpose of analysing your visit to our website.

3. Cookies from external parties

Some parts of our website make use of Facebook and Twitter. We believe that it is practical and useful to post tweets and offer the response option in Facebook, for example, on our websites. Those external parties can analyse that information themselves.

Disabling cookies

Disabling cookies only affects the computer and the browser for which cookies are disabled. If you use more than one computer and/or browser, and wish to disable cookies for all those computers and browsers, you will need to repeat this action for each separate browser and each separate computer.

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