About Rotterdam Festivals

Rotterdam Festivals coordinates Rotterdams events policy and encourages culture participation of the citizens of Rotterdam. We realize a distinctive festival programme with events that are embraced by Rotterdammers, that reflect the themes of the city and deeply penetrates throughout the city and into the world.

Under the umbrella of Uitagenda Rotterdam and in collaboration with the cultural institutions we aim to reach a wide and divers public as possible for culture in Rotterdam. The knowledge we gain during our activities we share actively with the sector.

Our activities range from financial support for festivals to collaborative marketing, and from developing festival programmes to distributing cultural information about Rotterdam. Read about our activities and services on this site and a compact summary in the international brochure.
FESTIVALS AND EVENTS Festivals and events
Based on an integrated vision of Rotterdam’s annual calendar, we create a number of festival programmes all year round.
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RESEARCH AND EXPERTISE Research and expertise
We make our knowledge and experience in the field of festivals and audience development, and our large local, national and international network available to Rotterdam’s cultural sector.
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CULTURE PARTICIPATION Culture participation
Rotterdam Festivals makes use of collective marketing to support the entire cultural calendar with the aim of attracting as large and diverse an audience as possible.
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